We list 7 curiosities about the new Netflix series, “Emily in Paris”

October came and, with it, the premiere of the first season of “Emily in Paris” , on Netflix ! The episodes are already available in the catalog for lovers of a good romantic comedy . If you are part of this club, know that the series starring Lily Collins has everything to be your favorite . And for the curious on duty, Purebreak went after some behind the scenes curiosities that will make you like even more the production of the same creator of ” Sex and the City “.

Rest assured that we don’t have spoilers around here, okay ?!

Emily in Paris ": find the Instagram of the Netflix series cast - Purebreak

1. The costume designer for ” Emily in Paris ” is the talented Patricia Field , the same as for ” Sex and The City ” and ” The Devil Wears Prada “.



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2. Filming took place in the second half of last year in Paris, France, with additional scenes in Chicago, USA.




Emily in Paris ": 5 reasons that will make the Netflix series your favorite - Purebreak

3. On days off, the cast took the opportunity to visit the restaurants and drink a lot of wine! Camille Razat and Lucas Bravo were the tour guides for the crowd. Very chic this cast !

4. The series was originally developed by Paramount Network. Later, Netflix bought the rights.

5. Lily Collins is very identified with Emily . “I am passionate about what I do and I love working, it makes me happy. Emily would literally say the same thing so I think we are very similar in that sense,” he told the portal Her World. And just like the character, Collins also fumbled with some things during his stay in the City of Light.



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6. Lucas Bravo, Gabriel’s interpreter , has worked as a chef in real life. “I used to be an auxiliary chef in a restaurant a few years ago. When I first read the script I was like ‘Wow. This is definitely for me’. They made me cook the omelets I made for Emily on the show,” the French actor told Manny the Movie Guy.

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7. Darren Star already has an idea for a second season. It usually takes two to three months for a new season to be confirmed by Netflix. Anyway, the showrunner confirmed that everything was underway, in case the platform decides to renew the production, which even left some loose ends ready to be developed in future episodes.

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