Only at Vivo you get a Samsung Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition and still get a free gift

When it comes to BTS , the biggest K-pop group today, we know that it is enough to consult any Army to get information about the boy group. This is because the fans are very passionate about Jin SugaJ-Hope , RM , Jimin , V , Jungkook and consume everything related to them . So, it goes without saying that everyone freaked out when Vivo announced that it was going to bring the Samsung Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition to Brazil, right? And best of all, by securing your pre-order, you still get a Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition .

According to the information, released by Vivo itself, the S20 + BTS Edition bears the logo of Samsung and the group on the back of the phone, which, in this limited edition, reaches stores in purple . The Smartphone is leaving for R $ 4,299 in cash , in the Family Plan 60GB, and can be paid in up to 18x of R $ 239 without interest , on the credit card. It is worth remembering that Vivo will be the only operator to sell the Smartphone version in Brazil. Well, you can already see that there will be a lot of Army changing companies because of that, right?

The pre-sale of the Samsung Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition started on July 1st and runs until the 12th of the same month. Whoever guarantees the device during this period also wins a purple Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition. That is, it is to leave with the complete Army uniform . So it’s hard not to want one, right? We can say that Vivo and Samsung raised this business of liking BTS , right?

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