New Instagram feature helps you discover who you least interact with on social media

How many people do you follow on Instagram ? Nowadays, with the popularity of the social network, it is very common to follow, sometimes, even more than a thousand different profiles. We know the subject is not lacking, right ? However, have you ever stopped to think if you interact with all these guys? Well, it is the platform itself is questioning this and, last Thursday (6), released a new update that will allow users to see who they are interacting with more and less. Will it change the way people are using Instagram?

Using the new function is very easy, just two taps. On your own profile, click on ” Following “. After that, in addition to showing the list of people you follow, two new options will also appear: ” More shown in the feed ” and ” With whom you had the least interactions “. According to information from Instagram itself, these two categories are based on your account actions in the last 90 days. In other words, you can get a good sense of the users with whom you are really communicating.

Obviously, the idea of ​​the application is not to stop its users from following others. After all, for Instagram, the more interactions, the better. However, it is well known that even the platform itself cannot handle all the relationships that take place on the social network and that is precisely why the algorithm itself already does the job of suggesting what best matches what you consume. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how it can change the way people are using Instagram .

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