And let’s go for diversity: Selena Gomez will launch makeup line with 48 base tones

It is likely that many black people have already found it difficult to find, mainly, a foundation that corresponded to their skin tone . Although this situation is changing little by little, it is not as if the problem is already solved. Thinking more about the diversity of people, Selena Gomez announced that her new cosmetics line, Rare Beauty , inspired by her latest album , will have 48 base tones . It is not necessary that this novelty made the fans very happy, right? After all, it’s past time for brands to understand the plurality of colors that exist in the world.

Selena Gomez has been talking about Rare Beauty since the beginning of the year and in an interview with Interview , stated that her goal is to increase people’s self-confidence. “I want to start a conversation about how you can feel good. It’s not necessarily about needing these things to feel beautiful. People of my generation have all this pressure to follow standards and I wanted to create a line that would alleviate that a little bit” , declared the owner of the recently released single “Boyfriend” .

Complaints about the lack of diversity in the cosmetics industry are already an old agenda for those who work and fight in this field. One of the first to revolutionize this market was Rihanna , with Fenty Beuty , when launching a line with 40 base tones . Even today, Riri is praised for owning such an inclusive brand. Do we have someone inspiring Selena Gomez? I hope so. For more news, just keep an eye on Purebreak here .


12 fun facts about Louis Partridge, Lord Tewksbury from “Enola Holmes”

If you haven’t watched ” Enola Holmes “, you’re missing out on a great entertainment opportunity there, see? The new Netflix film , which has Millie Bobby Brown as its protagonist , tells the story of the 16-year-old sister of the world-famous detective, Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill), who, let’s say, pulled the same vocation from his brother to the investigation and getting into – various – trouble!

And one of the characters that drew a lot of attention from viewers and stole our shipper hearts was Lord Tewksbury , played by the cute Louis Partridge , and that is the protagonist’s love interest . So, since we are all in love with him, there is nothing more fair than bringing curiosities about this English actor that we will still hear a lot about, right? And we took the opportunity to ask: confirm the sequence, Netflix!



1. ” Enola Holmes ” was not his first work with Netflix , he participated in the series ” Medici “;

2. He is terrified of heights;

3. What he hates the most about flying is the turbulence;

4. He doesn’t eat crab at all;

5. Louis loves to take a cold shower;

6. He prefers tea to coffee;

7. Louis loves to make people laugh;

8. Ele amou a série “Normal People”;

9. The cutie is Gemini on the 3rd of June;

10. He loves 80’s music;

11. His favorite bands are The Strokes, The Smiths and The Cure;

12. He is learning to play the piano.


You can talk, you now even wanted to watch the movie to become a fan of this universe, right? ” Enola Holmes “, with Louis Partridge and Millie Bobby Brown , is available on Netflix and you can see the trailer below:


We list 7 curiosities about the new Netflix series, “Emily in Paris”

October came and, with it, the premiere of the first season of “Emily in Paris” , on Netflix ! The episodes are already available in the catalog for lovers of a good romantic comedy . If you are part of this club, know that the series starring Lily Collins has everything to be your favorite . And for the curious on duty, Purebreak went after some behind the scenes curiosities that will make you like even more the production of the same creator of ” Sex and the City “.

Rest assured that we don’t have spoilers around here, okay ?!

Emily in Paris ": find the Instagram of the Netflix series cast - Purebreak

1. The costume designer for ” Emily in Paris ” is the talented Patricia Field , the same as for ” Sex and The City ” and ” The Devil Wears Prada “.



Top 30 Clothes From Paris GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

2. Filming took place in the second half of last year in Paris, France, with additional scenes in Chicago, USA.




Emily in Paris ": 5 reasons that will make the Netflix series your favorite - Purebreak

3. On days off, the cast took the opportunity to visit the restaurants and drink a lot of wine! Camille Razat and Lucas Bravo were the tour guides for the crowd. Very chic this cast !

4. The series was originally developed by Paramount Network. Later, Netflix bought the rights.

5. Lily Collins is very identified with Emily . “I am passionate about what I do and I love working, it makes me happy. Emily would literally say the same thing so I think we are very similar in that sense,” he told the portal Her World. And just like the character, Collins also fumbled with some things during his stay in the City of Light.



emily in paris | Tumblr

6. Lucas Bravo, Gabriel’s interpreter , has worked as a chef in real life. “I used to be an auxiliary chef in a restaurant a few years ago. When I first read the script I was like ‘Wow. This is definitely for me’. They made me cook the omelets I made for Emily on the show,” the French actor told Manny the Movie Guy.

Animated GIF

7. Darren Star already has an idea for a second season. It usually takes two to three months for a new season to be confirmed by Netflix. Anyway, the showrunner confirmed that everything was underway, in case the platform decides to renew the production, which even left some loose ends ready to be developed in future episodes.


New Instagram feature helps you discover who you least interact with on social media

How many people do you follow on Instagram ? Nowadays, with the popularity of the social network, it is very common to follow, sometimes, even more than a thousand different profiles. We know the subject is not lacking, right ? However, have you ever stopped to think if you interact with all these guys? Well, it is the platform itself is questioning this and, last Thursday (6), released a new update that will allow users to see who they are interacting with more and less. Will it change the way people are using Instagram?

Using the new function is very easy, just two taps. On your own profile, click on ” Following “. After that, in addition to showing the list of people you follow, two new options will also appear: ” More shown in the feed ” and ” With whom you had the least interactions “. According to information from Instagram itself, these two categories are based on your account actions in the last 90 days. In other words, you can get a good sense of the users with whom you are really communicating.

Obviously, the idea of ​​the application is not to stop its users from following others. After all, for Instagram, the more interactions, the better. However, it is well known that even the platform itself cannot handle all the relationships that take place on the social network and that is precisely why the algorithm itself already does the job of suggesting what best matches what you consume. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how it can change the way people are using Instagram .


Only at Vivo you get a Samsung Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition and still get a free gift

When it comes to BTS , the biggest K-pop group today, we know that it is enough to consult any Army to get information about the boy group. This is because the fans are very passionate about Jin SugaJ-Hope , RM , Jimin , V , Jungkook and consume everything related to them . So, it goes without saying that everyone freaked out when Vivo announced that it was going to bring the Samsung Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition to Brazil, right? And best of all, by securing your pre-order, you still get a Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition .

According to the information, released by Vivo itself, the S20 + BTS Edition bears the logo of Samsung and the group on the back of the phone, which, in this limited edition, reaches stores in purple . The Smartphone is leaving for R $ 4,299 in cash , in the Family Plan 60GB, and can be paid in up to 18x of R $ 239 without interest , on the credit card. It is worth remembering that Vivo will be the only operator to sell the Smartphone version in Brazil. Well, you can already see that there will be a lot of Army changing companies because of that, right?

The pre-sale of the Samsung Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition started on July 1st and runs until the 12th of the same month. Whoever guarantees the device during this period also wins a purple Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition. That is, it is to leave with the complete Army uniform . So it’s hard not to want one, right? We can say that Vivo and Samsung raised this business of liking BTS , right?